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We are so happy you have run across our page. We are confident that you found what you are looking for when you searched “the best Wedding Photographers near me”. We would love to have you give our photography studios a call. We can discuss getting you the wedding photography packages you are looking for at a reasonable cost to you. Call now!

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Palm Springs Wedding Photographers

It is nice to have you here. Looking for professional photographers for a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful.

When looking at wedding photography reviews you can get a good idea of the quality and customer service you will get. Wedding Photography Palm Springs CA has excellent reviews that we pride ourselves on.

Quality, communication, affordability, and a fun atmosphere are important to us. Bridal photos, engagements, wedding ceremonies, and wedding videography are our specialty.

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Getting to know Palm Springs Wedding Photographers

Palm Springs wedding photography specializes in an artistic storytelling style. If you want images that are unique and gorgeous you have found the right place. Wedding Photography Palm Springs CA provides a romantic feel to your images as they tell the personal story of your day.

We have high expectations from our photographers. Your wedding photographer has multiple years of experience and can bring out the best in you. We want your personalities to show, we have numerous charming images to prove we do that.

Our goal is to plan and prepare with you to make your day run seamlessly. Excellent communication from both parties is imperative for this to happen. We will counsel with you to make sure we are in good communication at all times.

Wedding Photography Palm Springs has been in the area for many years now and know some of the most beautiful places around. So if you are not sure of a place for engagement photos or a venue for your wedding, we have many we can suggest.

Capturing all the important moments like the bridal preparations, the bride’s arrival, the wedding ceremony, cutting cake, and the first dance are high priority. But Palm Springs Wedding Photography want to secure the behind the scenes with family and friends also. This gives a complete story of your wedding day that you will cherish.

Why should you choose Palm Springs Wedding Photography?

Do you want a quality experience and service at a budget price? Choosing wedding photographers Palm Springs CA will meet both those criteria for you. We have excellent customer service all around and have for years. Our wedding photographer cost is reasonable and our packages have more included than we have seen from the other “wedding photographers near me” search results.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Quality customer service and communication
  • Years of experience
  • Reasonable package prices
  • Photographers that care about what you are wanting
  • Bridal session
  • Stunning engagement photos
  • Wedding photoshoot
  • Entire ceremony photographed by multiple photographers if needed
  • Photos of family
  • Vow renewal or Anniversary photoshoot
  • Elopement services
  • Your story told through Videography

For years we have been a top-notch service provider in the Palm Springs and surrounding areas. There are so many beautiful areas around Palm Springs that we can take your engagement photos. We love to take them in a place that is meaningful for you.

Have you been searching for “wedding videography near me?” This is a service more and more people have been wanting to add to their sessions. Storytelling in action is visually appealing and helps to preserve your memories in a more dynamic way. People love to add a wedding videographer to their session.

We can provide you with the services that you are wanting and needing. Call today to schedule a consultation.

How to get started with us?

We know you want to feel comfortable and understand the product you will be receiving. We have a proven process that helps us have quality communication with you throughout all the planning. We have many people referred to us because of our excellent communication.

Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will contact you. We can share with you the basic information you will need and answer some of your initial questions in this call. Getting engagement photos done right away so you can have time to get out announcements is important. We can set a location, time, and date for those in that first call. We can usually get you scheduled within the month for engagement photography.

You will want to schedule your wedding ceremony photographer far in advance to guarantee space in our schedule. As soon as you know the date, we need to schedule. We fill up months in advance so call today and see if we have availability with a wedding photographer Palm Springs CA.

From that initial call, we can make an appointment to have you come in and fill us in on all the details of your day and what services you would like. We want to know the things that are important to you for your photographs.

Your Wedding in Palm Springs CA will be beautiful! We will use all of our experience from over the years to make this day memorable and fun. You feeling comfortable and secure during your session is paramount. Knowing that you have chosen Palm Springs Wedding Photographers and that we will provide you with excellence in service and product is top of our list of importance. We can’t wait to meet you.


Our Wedding Photography Services

Over the years, we have built up our business to provide all of the services needed for your wedding. We want to provide anything that you might want on your wedding day. Are you having a wedding breakfast you would like to add to your package? We can do that. Capturing all those moments while the wedding parties get ready and arrive is important to us if it is important to you. You have your whole family together for the first time in a long time? You don’t want to miss this opportunity to have photos taken of all of you. Here are the basic services we provide. You can always chat with us if you have different ideas of what you want.

wedding photographers near me

Wedding Photography Services

This will include the whole ceremony in traditional or an unposed photojournalistic style. We will discuss all the details to make everything run smoothly.

palm springs bridal photographer


You found the perfect dress, now what? A bridal session provides elegant individual images of the bride. It also gives you the perfect moment for a trial run. Dress, hair, makeup, flowers. This is usually done a month or so in advance and gives you time to get your dress cleaned if needed. We can also get to know the bride better before the day of the wedding photos.

palm springs engagements photographer

Engagement Photographer

Here is where we get those perfect shots for your announcements and family by a professional photographer in a location special to you. You may pick the place or we have many suggestions for you. This is also an opportunity for your photographer to get to know you better before your wedding day. It is a privilege to work with you and provide you with gorgeous images even before your wedding day.

wedding photography palm springs ca


So you like adventure? You want your day to be absolutely unforgettable. The idea of sharing this moment on a more intimate level is way more appealing to you. We can be there to reveal the beauty in your elopement. There is so much freedom in an elopement. So take us on your adventure and remember the spontaneity and creativity of your day.

palm springs anniversary photographers

Vow Renewal/ Anniversaries

We love celebrating with you down the road when you have anniversaries. Those milestones are meaningful and we want you to remember them with some beautiful memories. When you are ready to relive the commitment you have made to each other, we can capture your vow renewal ceremony also. These are always sweet moments for us. To see two people recommitting their lives and love to one another and we get to be there.

wedding videographer palm springs ca


Wedding videography is a service that not all photographers provide. We want you to have the option to add this service to your package. It adds that extra element that makes your memories come to life in stunning action. Our Palm Springs wedding videographer loves giving special attention to the video. You can capture the emotions and love of everyone enjoying your day. Wedding photography videography is a newer option we would like for you to take advantage of.

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About Palm Springs CA

In the beautiful Coachella Valley area of Riverside county is Palm Springs CA. This appealing resort city has a perfect warm climate that attracts many retired celebrities, giving it the nickname “Hollywood’s Waiting Room for Heaven.” The population is only 49,291 as of the 2020 census. This delightful town has a laid back feel that attracts many tourists. People love to come and hike the mountains and desert in the surrounding areas. Getting in a game of golf is a must for some travelers.

Surrounding areas of Palm Springs include:

  • Indio
  • Cathedral City
  • Palm Desert
  • Coachella
  • La Quinta
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Many other surrounding areas

Palm Springs Wedding Photographers Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get every image of our wedding?

No, you do not. We pick out the best photos. There will always be duplicates and shots with bad expressions. You don’t need those, do you?

Our whole family will be together, can we do family photos?

If this is something discussed and planned ahead of time we would love to do this for you.

What style do you shoot in?

We shoot traditional and photojournalistic styles. So we can discuss which style you are wanting for your session.

Do you touch up all the photos?

Yes! Every image you receive will be quality checked and touched up as needed.

How long does it take to get our wedding album and how many images will we get?

Wedding photo books are usually delivered 6 weeks after you have ordered. 50-55 images are included in your wedding album.

Customer Testimonials

The best wedding photography services in the Palm Springs area. I can’t believe the number of photos we got for the price we paid. They really care about their customers and it shows in the quality of service. My husband and I could not be happier with the whole experience.

Meagan A.

We are so blessed to have such elegant photos. We love them!! We discussed everything we wanted in our photos and we got exactly what we were thinking of. Thank you so much!

Stacy L.

I wanted to write the review because I was so nervous to do the wedding photos and Palm Springs Wedding Photographers did an amazing job. We had searched for “engagement photographers near me” and they came up right away. They are so personable and I felt comfortable right from the start. Thank you for helping us feel relaxed and casual.

Zack W.

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We hope you were able to look over our site and get an idea of the quality and services we have to offer. With photos and video, you can have the best of both worlds. You have wondered how to find a wedding photographer and now you have the information you need to give us a call. We have all the wedding photography services you need in one place. We are flexible and excited to work with you. Spots fill up quickly depending on the time of year. You can fill out this simple form or give Palm Springs Wedding Photographers a call.

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